background psds

in this tutorial you will learn how to use the background psds found here

step one

First you will need to have Adobe Photoshop to open any PSD that we provide on this site. If you do not have photoshop you can easily find a link on google... please do not ask us for a link.
Open your PS and open the background PSD that you downloaded. All of our background PSDS are 350x467.

step two

Make sure you've already defined the color scheme of your choice! Also go ahead and make the scheme into a gradient. (tutorials coming for these two steps soon for beginners)

step three

In your layers section in the photoshop you should see this

Change the two gradients to the gradient that you made earlier! After you change the colors then you need to flatten the image or merge all the layers together. Once you do this you are done! Just define the image as a pattern and you're good to go.